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Beach Tales EBUCC2018 comes to an end with 3 banging finals to universe point! 17:47 - Oct 29

What better way to wrap the first edition of European Beach Ultimate Club Championships than with three amazing finals – and jaw dropping games they were! The rain started waning as the Seagulls from Hamburg and the Cosmic Girls from St. Petersburg hit the sand and the sun was shining by the end of the [...]

Beach Tales Position games are finished – and finals are up! 12:40 - Oct 28

The last day of games started with the women battling it out in the rain on wet sand to finalize their position games. The temperature dropped significantly, and the beach looked like it was missing the sun as 14 of the 16 teams finished competition. In the women’s division, the bronze goes to ZUF from [...]

Beach Tales The end of day 2 – meet the finalists of EBUCC2018! 18:43 - Oct 27

Another rainy round…. But oh, what a round it was! All teams have now finished their games and are ready to play for position tomorrow. Everyone looks wet and happy as they come by the main tent where the music plays to the sound of the rain to enjoy a beer, food, or to connect [...]

Beach Tales KAIUAKABOOM, the rain is coming down on round 2! 15:59 - Oct 27

After a wet quarter-finals, we now have a very clear picture of the 12 teams in each of the three divisions. There was lots of excitement in the men’s division, and the first call-out to the Spirit Committee was needed as emotions ran high between KFUM Orebro and the Moscow team Real Five as they [...]

Beach Tales Good morning Day 2 – top bracket is up! 12:37 - Oct 27

Saturday morning started with sustained periods of heavy rain,  challenging teams to adapt or be eliminated from the championship bracket. Organization was excellent with staff protecting video and electronics from the moisture while pairs of scorekeepers headed out to  report on time with charged and covered iPads for a perfect 9am start in the men’s [...]

Beach Tales Day 1 and pool games are over – and what a day it was! 19:49 - Oct 26

What an amazing day of top-level beach Ultimate. The three pool games are finished for all divisions, defining the final position of each team within their pool and therefore their opponent in pre-quarters tomorrow morning. Comparing the original seeding with the final outcomes, there are some very interesting results. In the mixed division, three of [...]

Beach Tales Round 2 – shake it up baby! 15:32 - Oct 26

The second round of games has just finished, and the excitement continues! First and foremost, Heni’s  (Henrietta Papp, SOTG director), and Pavlo Vyplavin’s feedback on  Spirit of the Game (SOTG) is very positive. From our perspective on the sideline, it is impressive to see the communication and “avoiding body contact” happening real time right in [...]

Beach Tales We’re off to an awesome start! 12:56 - Oct 26

What an incredible first round of the first ever EBUCC 2018! The beach was beautiful this Friday morning, with amazing clouds and contrasts to frame top level beach ultimate.  The weather was windless and by 7:40am, mixed teams had already found their way to the beach for warm ups and drills in preparation for the [...]

Beach Tales Ready, set… Go! 23:04 - Oct 25

What a wonderful day before day 1 of EBUCC. I don’t think I have ever seen a more relaxed set-up and registration day. The team was ready, things got built, tents went up, fields were set, banners got assembled… the media crew came in… all under a blue sky, no wind, discs flying, and lots [...]

Beach Tales Media team ready to rock EBUCC! 11:46 - Oct 22

The EBUCC2018 weekend is finally here, how exciting! I have no doubt that it will be a fantastic tournament. Considering that there are 48 top teams in 3 divisions playing on 8 fields, there will be loads of high-level beach ultimate… and undoubtedly some unexpected surprises. The media and broadcast team is ready and looking [...]